Sunday, November 27, 2005

life after the As finally ended at 530pm sharp on fridae 25 a gd feeling..freedom at long need to wake up to alarm clocks no more..nor have to touch my books ever least for a's been gd so far..just 2 days into it..but yeah..satisfying enuff..

post a level celebration immediately at hard rock cafe..where the mood was especially heightened wif the band ...then down for a few drinks..and someone cudnt take the the new world cup jersey.germany will win the world sure of that..and yes..operation big loser has started..need to shed 8kg within a then..its gd to know u dun have to touch ur notes for a very very long time...adios

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Following last weeks A level maths and GP....ive this really strong feeling im gonna end up a bob the builder next time if u get what i mean. Enuff said..shant whine no more

Friday, October 28, 2005

Thanks to all my frens.. officially im free to drink in public and watch m-18 a grown up..hee..rite..okie this is just to thnak all those who wished me for my bdae...whether before or all still made me happy...yup yup..

and especial thnx to miss hia for the nike jacket, nicky for the kingdom of heaven dvd, my sis for amici forver defined, kat for the cakes, pk for the treat at carl jnr, sj for the card and call, amy and my ex chi teacher for their bdae calls, mr kwok for the card/smth like tt...and last but certainly not least the king and chris for their treat...yup..thnx ppl..

ps. what good is a man who doesnt do good for others =) Africa needs a marshall plan im serious

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wish List

To be honest, i dun really believe in birthdays anymore or ever did for tt matter but ill try agn to see if my top 10 wish list for tmr gets granted in anyway.

Wish list
1.Find my purpose of existence

2. 4 As for my A level exams (though some say "you cant eat straight As" ...oh dam it)

3. Good health and good fortune for all my true frens. =)

4. Pray for peace between the muslims, christians, the secular and others

5. Kingdom of Heaven DVD (yes..thnx nicky for helping me obtain my mambo no 5 on the list)

6. That all my sins can be forgiven (doesnt have to take place only in jerusalem)

7. Tatu's latest cd (somehow lesbains have their appeal)

8. Ryan Reynold's body! (yes..okie nvm)

9. To be a rock bobby beers...(okie this one is a sure gone case)

10. Certainly not least..YOU.

And yes..lets see if things might change for the better for 2005...saye malehkom...(its arabic..i dunno how to spell it)


This is turning out to be a phantom of the opera saga...not really la..but kinda? wadever...anyway nicky made my day wif my early bdae awaited...KINGDOM OF HEAVEN...hah.. thnx yeah?

Monday, October 24, 2005

With words unsaid

Risk my soul, test my life
For my bread
Spend my time lost in space
Am I dead?Let the river flow
Through my callused hands
And take me from my own
The eyes of the damned
It makes my stomach turn
And it tears my flesh from the bone
How we turn a dream to stone
And we all die young
Yeah we all die young
Tell me I knowI lived so afraid
And still we cry alone
With words left unsaid
Yeh it makes my stomach turn
And it tears my flesh from bone to bone
How we turn a dream to stone
And we all die young

...sometimes we wonder if really we should speak our hearts our minds....**Steel Dragon Bobby Beers Baby**


I guess im one step too slow..

Monday, August 22, 2005

"A journey of a 1000miles begins with a first step...."
JFK, 1963

Friday, August 19, 2005

its been a while

Wow ..its been nearly a year since this blog was existant..stumbled upon it the other day and decided to blog for the fun of it again.. Well all i can say is that life has been tortue. Prelims are just around the so bloody tired everydae but i still have to force myself to mug...95 more days to salvation they say..ill just try to keep that end in mind.